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A Keynote speaker who will tenderize your brain...

"Edutainment", humours, fast paced mutimedia presentation to make your next event rock

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Learn the secrets of artists...

screen play writers, engineers, architects, and song writers. It is easier than you think.

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Meet Mark L. Fox...

Explore a few fun videos where you get a chance to know me and see my personality.

From The Blog

  • “Dear Mark, Thanks for coming to NASA Langley as a guest speaker to share your expertise on creativity and innovation. You were a great motivational speaker and it was exactly what we needed and I look forward to implementing many of your suggested strategies. I am sure we will bring you back again in the future. I especially enjoyed the workshop. All the best to you and your business.” Richard R. Antcliff NASA Langley Deputy Director Innovation Institute
  • “Have you ever thought how you could get 15 “C” level executives from different firms and public sector agencies around the country to share innovative ideas and thoughts about topics they did not select? Add in that they never met before and you only have a day and a half to produce extraordinary results. When faced with this I called in a rocket scientist to launch us on the path to a successful mission. Thanks to Mark Fox the event was a major hit with our clients and the creative conversations are still transpiring.” Alan Kather Director and Dean of Schools Unisys University
  • “The group brainstorming techniques are a “whole new approach” to teamwork. I have proposed using these techniques on a regular basis to my division leader here at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He agrees that we should and will use these techniques to tackle some difficult problems that relate to our non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, remote sensing, homeland security and intelligence mission.” Bryan Laubscher Project Leader, The Space Elevator Los Alamos National Labs
  • “We initially hired Mark Fox based on his clever company title and an intriguing website. He definitely lived up to his company name and presented a thoughtful and intriguing workshop. We offered two days of his workshop to our campus staff and asked him to do one special workshop for our Human Resources department. The courses were filled to capacity within 4 days of open registration. We received positive feedback at the end of the two days and continue to get requests for his return. April White Castaneda Caltech University
  • “During the excellent Workshop, Mark Fox presented an array of tools and effective approaches to stimulate the kind of creative thinking for workplace innovation and successful problem solving. These approaches could work equally well in one’s personal life. The team exercises were well chosen for learning the basic concepts in a short time, and we had fun doing them.” Barbara A. Chenier NASA-Ames Research Center