Da Vinci and the 40 Answers

Buzz about the Book…

“Wonderful Book!
Fun, practical, and enjoyable, Mark Fox’s book deserves a wide audience.”

– Roger von Oech
Best selling author and inventor

“I love Mark’s ideas! I find Da Vinci ad the 40 Answers to be like a ‘idea roulette wheel’.  If I have a difficult problem to solve, I go to Da Vinci and blindly open the book to any chapter. I then read that chapter. When I finish reading the chapter, A creative solution to my problem invariably pops up. It sounds like magic, and maybe it is, but you should try it.”

Jon Spoelstra
Wall Street Journal best seller

“Mark Fox bridges the mighty gap between science and creativity. I’ve never known anyone else who could do it. Using the scientific principles of TRIZ, Mark leads us skipping into Wonderland.”

Wizard of Ads – Roy H. Williams
Business book of the year, Wall Street and New York  Times best seller

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