The cost for a keynote presentation is $10K plus $1K for travel and expenses

The cost for a 1-day workshop is the same.

The entire cost of a workshop is equivalent to sending just a few employees to one business conference. We teach up to 25 people and we come to you, at a total cost of $11,000 ($15,000 International) (plus $1000 for travel, meals, expenses, materials, and workbooks)….

So it’s a total flat rate of $11,000. This is the equivalent of only $400 per person for a workshop of 25 people. …and don’t forget about our 200% Money Back Guarantee.

There is no limit to the size of the audience for a keynote presentation.

Our creative thinking program can also be modified to meet your specific time frame and needs. Call or email us today and let’s discuss it. 321-626-4786

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    Our “Creative” 200% Money Back Guarantee

    What? I’ll bet you have never heard of a consultant that offers a money back guarantee and certainly not at 200%. We never have…, so are we crazy?

    No, we’re not (well maybe a little), we are just that confident in our creative thinking program. That’s right, if you are not completely satisfied that the training has provided a new and exciting method to solving problems and inspiring creative thinking in your organization, we Pay You!

    How’s that for risk free!