One Page Proposal

How to get your business pitch on to one persuasive page, and remember;

“Everthing’s Personal”

Discover the secret to;

• Organizing your ideas
• Finding just the right words
• Standing out from your competition
• Receive a rapid and positive response

It is the new Art of “Real Time” Communication for the 21st Century

The rules of selling, yourself, your ideas, your products or your company, have changed forever in the new century. Proposals that used to take months, 100’s of pages, and travel, now take minutes and one page (23 sentences) and often on the internet. In a global world, ideas have to be communicated fast and simply so they can be acted on immediately.

The One Page Proposal is a new “take action” tool of engagement for the 21st century for individuals and companies now in this tough economy. It is the latest technology that anyone can use. It will empower you and those who use it to get the results you want and deserve.

The One Page Proposal is particularly powerful when you are trying to communicate with senior executives and “C” level positions. The ones that can really make a decision that carries a punch. Why ? Because over 80% of “C” level positions in the United States have a “D” personality.

Which from the DISC personality profile testing, a “D” personality is a “Driver.” One who wants to communicate with brevity and clarity. They don’t have time for chit-chat. So if you are trying to get a senior executive to make a decision, the One Page Proposal is vital.

The One Page Proposal has been used throughout the United States and internationally in helping people just like you produce results far beyond anything they have ever experienced.

We have many examples of people who have used this tool to make millions. We will review their proposals in detail and will provide you a road map to your own successful One Page Proposal.

Opportunity knocks fast in the 21st Century. It is not just a matter of answering the door, but answering the door quickly before opportunity walks away.

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