These are the same tools and techniques used by NASA!

We offer 3 different workshops and we can combine material from any/all of them to meet a specific client’s needs;

Da Vinci and the 40 Answers

Word of Mouth Marketing

The One
Page Proposal

Learn creative thinking techniques from a Real Rocket Scientist!

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A Playbook for Creativity and Fresh Ideas – $19.95

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Buzz about the Book…

“Wonderful Book!
Fun, practical, and enjoyable, Mark Fox’s book deserves a wide audience.”

Roger von Oech, Author of “A Whack on the Side of the Head,” and the “Creative Whack Pack”

“I love Mark’s ideas! I find Da Vinci and the 40 Answers to be like an ‘idea roulette wheel’. If I have a difficult problem to solve, I go to Da Vinci and blindly open the book to any chapter. I then read that chapter. When I finish reading the chapter, a creative solution to my problem invariably pops up. It sounds like magic, and maybe it is, but you should try it.”

Jon Spoelstra, Best Selling Author; “Marketing Outrageously” and “Ice to Eskimos”

“Mark Fox bridges the mighty gap between science and creativity. I’ve never known anyone else who could do it. Using the scientific principles of TRIZ, Mark leads us skipping into Wonderland.”

Roy H. Williams, Best Selling Author, “Wizard of Ads”, Business book of the year, Wall Street and New York Times best seller

The Seamless Brand
TV Interview on “What’s Going On”
Radio Interview on WOND with Jeff Whitaker
Radio Interview on WLPR with Len Clark
Interview in Mix Magazine

You can find even more content at the da Vinci and the 40 Answers Blog.

Mark L. Fox has spent the majority of his career as a Chief Engineer for the Space Shuttle Program and is now training down to earth companies like yours. You can read more about Mark’s background and qualifications in Mark L. Fox’s Biography.

Are you ready to discover something new? If you had to come up with a 100 new ideas in 30 minutes, could you do it? Do you have the proper tools? Have you ever been taught an iron clad method to generate new ideas? Don’t be ashamed, most people haven’t. “Sly as a Fox” offers “on site” instruction where we teach creative thinking exercises and problem solving techniques for business. The employee and management training you receive will provide the tools necessary to significantly outpace your competitors. These creative thinking exercises provide for innovative, unique, and creative management training. See what our clients have to say.

In a recent CEO survey, 100% of the respondents listed “innovation and creativity” in their critical success factors yet only 6% of the respondents said they are doing it well. How well are you doing? Could you use some help in developing your creative thinking abilities?

We offer a 200% guarantee that our creative thinking program will teach you a fun and exciting way to learn how to think creatively or we will pay you!

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