Why us?

We provide a fun and exciting way to learn how to think creatively through new idea generation and problem solving exercises. You used to know how to do it well when you were a child, but if you are like most of us, you lost your creative edge as you grew up. We all love our moms, but having her tell us “No” a billion times actually had an effect on our creative thinking ability. And the more schooling we got, the less creative we became. Sorry you PhDs, but the school systems teach us over and over again that there is only one right answer. Common sense tells us there are 1000′s of right answers if we just allow our minds to be naturally creative. We were just “untaught” how to find them.

Our courses consist of anything between 1-hour and 5 day courses. We get right to the heart of creative thinking techniques and problem solving exercises that really work. We have designed the “Sly as a Fox” creative thinking courses to teach you the most effective and useful tools in a minimum amount of time. You don’t waste time learning things that don’t really work.

We provide instruction on how the mind works and where and why it is incredibly efficient. Logical thinking is a natural and necessary part or our everyday lives. However it is a huge inhibitor when trying to develop new ideas during the creative phase of problem solving exercises. Essentially the mind is an incredible pattern recognition system. This is one factor that makes us human and very effective in the things we do. However it is this pattern recognition that prevents us from finding new creative answers to old problems. The basis of the creative thinking tools taught in our class give you practical ways to escape from normal logical thinking and allow you to think “out of the box”.

The class consists of some basic background material in the importance of applying creative thinking and to problem solving techniques… Why it is important to “take time to think”. A dozen or so innovative tools are explained in detail that provides ways to escape from pattern recognition. Several fun exercises are conducted with the class participants being fully engaged. These exercises involve ambiguous and/or unique problems that the students have never been exposed to before. The course instructor facilitates the use of the creative thinking tools and problem solving exercises. The results of the exercises are then examined and the instructor highlights key findings, insights, actions, and behaviors. We then apply the problem solving exercises to real problems facing your organization. You leave not only with a new way of thinking but also with solutions to real problems.

The intent of the course is not to solve all of your company’s top problems in one day. If we could immediately solve all your problems, we would charge a lot more! However, we will show you that the creative thinking tools really work and that you have already started the process of learning and applying new techniques to real problems.

What sets us apart from the competition are these 5 key factors;

  • Our “creative” 200% Money Back Guarantee
  • Most successful creativity exercises available
  • We hate consultants too!
  • Affordable creative thinking training
  • Creative thinking tailored to your specific needs