“Dear Mark,

Thanks for coming to NASA Langley as a guest speaker to share your expertise on creativity and innovation. You were a great motivational speaker and it was exactly what we needed and I look forward to implementing many of your suggested strategies. I am sure we will bring you back again in the future. I especially enjoyed the workshop. All the best to you and your business.”

Richard R. Antcliff
NASA Langley
Deputy Director
Innovation Institute

“Have you ever thought how you could get 15 “C” level executives from different firms and public sector agencies around the country to share innovative ideas and thoughts about topics they did not select? Add in that they never met before and you only have a day and a half to produce extraordinary results.

When faced with this I called in a rocket scientist to launch us on the path to a successful mission. Thanks to Mark Fox the event was a major hit with our clients and the creative conversations are still transpiring.”

Alan Kather
Director and Dean of Schools
Unisys University

“The group brainstorming techniques are a “whole new approach” to teamwork. I have proposed using these techniques on a regular basis to my division leader here at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He agrees that we should and will use these techniques to tackle some difficult problems that relate to our non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, remote sensing, homeland security and intelligence mission.”

Bryan Laubscher
Project Leader, The Space Elevator
Los Alamos National Labs

“We initially hired Mark Fox based on his clever company title and an intriguing website. He definitely lived up to his company name and presented a thoughtful and intriguing workshop. We offered two days of his workshop to our campus staff and asked him to do one special workshop for our Human Resources department. The courses were filled to capacity within 4 days of open registration. We received positive feedback at the end of the two days and continue to get requests for his return.

April White Castaneda
Caltech University

“During the excellent Workshop, Mark Fox presented an array of tools and effective approaches to stimulate the kind of creative thinking for workplace innovation and successful problem solving. These approaches could work equally well in one’s personal life. The team exercises were well chosen for learning the basic concepts in a short time, and we had fun doing them.”

Barbara A. Chenier
NASA-Ames Research Center

“I want to thank you for such a stimulating class. I have told every one here in the office and many would like to take advantage of the next workshop. Staff members who were fortunate enough to get in on that class have had nothing but praise. The comments were that this was the best class ever featured on campus.”

Mary E. Brown Caltech,
California Institute of Technology

“Ending up at Mark Fox’s presentation was pure accident. I thought the course the day before on Blogging was supposed to be two days. Rather than get lost another day at the office however, I came back to find Mark’s presentation: Super Intelligent and Great!”

Mark has put in words and examples what I’ve been doing for the better part of a quarter century … turning people on to the creative genius inside. His humorous but extremely focused microscope into the creative process sets him aside and establishes him as unique in the field of “Controlled Creative Thought”. We’re hiring him to work with us on our own growth AND WE DO THIS FOR A LIVING! Take Mark’s course. Stay the course!”

Marley Porter
Owner, Living Architecture

“Mark – I found your creative thinking session highly informative, interesting, and entertaining. Thanks a million.”

Rusty Scott
Electrical Engineer

I’ve been to lots of workshops/training that almost everyone would classify under “touchy/feeley.” Some of those were on subjects such as creativity, mission for your business, your identity, etc. I went because I like touchy/feely and I got something from most of them.

You are working in an area that probably a majority of folks consider “touchy/feeley,” or on the cusp of “touchy/feeley”, Yet, you deliver the information with authority, very little nonsense and with technology. There is also a lot of data you present to support the concepts, in the form of quotes and your personal experiences/stories. And, it works.

Bob Bisallion CEO/Owner
Bridges for Growth

“Mark – your course yesterday was wonderful! I am brimming with new ideas today as a result.”

Carol Blanchard
Blanchard and Associates

“I wanted to say how very much I enjoyed your workshop last Wednesday. Your ideas were exciting and challenging, the tools were fresh and useful, and your facilitation of the workshop was nothing short of miraculous, considering your recent escapades in airports and with most of your belongings lost temporarily. Thank you for your vigor, poise under fire and effective delivery style.”

Meg Grant
Chief Educator
Texas State University

” I downloaded your eBook, “A Practical Approach to Creative Thinking” and have it in a binder at work. I do like to review it every chance I have because it is very helpful. I do recommend this training to everyone.”

Teresa Guerra
White Sands Missile Range

“Sly as a Fox came to our installation in April 2005 and presented the “Creative Thinking for Business” Workshop. Although we learned so many things, the biggest take aways for me were:

1) Being introduced to innovative ways to think about solutions.
2) How these tools can be used in everyday life @work, as well as @home.
3) Ideas and plans of how to come up with creative thinking ideas.”

Bob Picco
Sierra Army Depot

“I did a quick experiment with one of the techniques you taught at your seminar–taking apparently unrelated things and finding a connection between them. I talked with a co-worker who seemed interested in the creativity concepts you discussed and we spent 10 minutes brainstorming around the combination of plants and bluetooth (both readily apparent in my office). We were able to come up with a few really good ideas, including at least one that we think is so good it’s probably already out there, or should be. Anyway, it was a lot of fun validating the tools really work !”

Jeff Holman
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman

“As marketing and public relations professionals, we at Roman/Peshoff Marketing Public Relations are challenged each day to find creative solutions that help drive our clients’ strategic business goals. Your creative thinking and innovation workshop was both fun and very practical in providing us with multiple tools that have helped us unlock barriers to creative thinking. We have a very nice mix at R/P right now with senior level strategists and younger, less sophisticated employees at entry-level positions. Everyone in the workshop came away with techniques to help them achieve their best, most creative work for our clients. Best of all, we have applied these techniques in both internal and client meetings – and they work in the real world. The investment in the workshop was well worth it!”

Tim Langhurst
Vice President, Roman Peshoff

“Sly as a Fox has changed the way people in our company solve business problems. We’re now united in a single cause: using creative processes to achieve our goals! I expected the workshop to appeal to our marketing people, but was pleased to see everyone involved and using his tools. Even our software programmers!

I’ve noticed that the Sly as a Fox tools have changed the way everyone meets and discusses business issues at my company. It is a pleasure to see people working with a format and a template for good creative decision making. Before, most meetings were random and often did not end with solutions. Now, meetings are more structured and always end with fascinating results”.

David Steinberg
CEO, Swapdrive

“I’ve had my own design business for a little over ten years. I have built the company up to a staff of 14 intelligent and creative people. Over time I have noticed the creative energy of our group has tarnished and subsided a bit. When I would gather my group together for a creative meeting I often would leave the meeting less than satisfied with the results.

I had Sly as a Fox do a one day creative thinking seminar with my group and now our creative sessions have done a total turn around. The overall energy of our meetings has a consistent flow and direction. The meetings are shorter and result with tons of solid options rather than a few mediocre ideas”.

George Merrell
CEO Humaniz Creative

“The Sly as a Fox training is a brand new look at an old process; Brainstorming. It is a more structured approach to ensure a
team generates more ideas in a minimum amount of time. The Different Tools are Great!”

Col Michael Maquet

“Although I consider myself and my people very creative, we have often struggled in generating a lot of new and fresh ideas quickly. We simply did not have the tools and techniques available to us. The Sly as a Fox workshop taught us some of the best tools I have ever used. In our first session we generated over 200 good ideas for marketing campaigns in under and hour!”

Jeff Rifleman
Program Manager

“The Sly as a Fox workshop was a refreshing twist on professional development for the Salt Lake Community College staff. The team was able to leave with valuable creativity tools that can be used in all facets of their job. Mark Fox is an exceptional instructor and makes the whole day a fun and rewarding experience”.

Linda Archibald
Director, Entrepreneur Education Center
Salt Lake Community College

“This was a really good class with practical creative thinking tools. Some are really easy to use and the results are achieved in a very short amount of time”.

Maung Mahnaz
Branch Chief, Precision Guided Munitions

“One of the most valuable tools a business can develop is the ability to be creative. Creativity can make or break a businesses success quotient. Mark Fox of Sly as a Fox, can help anyone rediscover how to think not only creatively but also create a process to do this quickly. Mark doesn’t teach you to think outside the box he gets you to throw the box away!

Rediscover your natural, child-like, unrestrained creativity and discover a wealth of problem solving and business development ideas that you can turn in to cold hard cash!”

William E. Rappleye
President and CEO of the Draper Area Chamber of Commerce

“Our business is built around solving problems for our clients. The Sly as a Fox training provided our company with a wealth of tools and techniques to approach problem solving in an entirely new way. Since incorporating these tools we have been able to provide our clients with better solutions much quicker than ever before.”

Ryan Wintle
General Manager
Elemental Business

“I have never been so impressed with the way your workshop came across to the group. I am and will continue to use your materials to improve the way I do my job at Hill. I am positive after being involved in the work shop that we can make a difference in how the Air Force does business. We all have our own battles to fight here at Hill to help get the product out to the war fighter. My job the way I see it is to keep the facilities at Hill in good shape for the employees and the products that we support.

This work shop has given me more ways to get what I need for the facilities than I ever thought it would. You have shown me how to balance, positive, negative, keeping focused, and to keep an open mind to other’s thoughts and needs.

This morning while I was driving to work for an hour and a half, I turned the radio off and kept thinking of different ways to get all the projects done for LG and believe me it helps me be more focused on what needs to be done.”

Bob Christensen
Logistics Facility Manager

Our company leaders enjoyed the new brainstorming resources that Mark Fox shared at our training. We had a fun day and improved our
teamworking skills.

Maryanne Cummings
Phoenix Services

“I thought today’s event was great! The venue was impressive. Good job on the speaker. This is the caliber of speaker we need to grow the membership and group attendance. I mean it! Mark was an
incredible speaker.”

Paul Eckinger
Eckinger Marketing Communications, LTD

“One of the best speakers we’ve ever had! What an intersting guy. Nice job !”

Tim Kraft

“That guy was one of the most interesting speakers we ever had.”

Valeri Amos
Canton Ad Club

I’ve always had a knack for creativity and innovation, and have been a professional inventor for most of my 64 years. Nonetheless, Mark’s course gave me new tools to relate with my less imaginative co-workers and draw new ideas from them without overwhelming them with mine. I learned how to generate more alternatives and narrow them to a manageable set where the best ideas can be explored in detail.

Steve Stumph
Physicist, Hardware/Software Computer Developer and
part time “Rocket Scientist” for US Air Force.

Mark Fox puts a different twist on things. You can think outside the box, inside the box or in another box. Thinking in another box is a very appropriate metaphor for business. It will probably result in distinctive innovation, a source of great wealth.

I’ve attended Mark’s seminar twice and found that I learned things both times. He has a unique way of looking at creativity with a fresh new set of techniques.

One of the real powers of his seminar is that people who think they are not creative, or just strong left brain dominate people, can really learn a lot and improve the creativity. Plus, they’ll love the techniques. Not that right brain dominant people won’t learn something, they will. It’ll teach them some disciplines they can use to better call up their creativity on demand.

Paul Schumann
The Innovation Roadmap

Hi Mark—It’s Wendy Marquardt from DaVinci and The 40 Answers…I have now read your book 3 times…and learn something new with each round!

Wendy Maraquardt
New York Marketer