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We have used our own tools in these training courses 1000’s of times for our own business. Here is an example of a internet-radio  advertisement we developed using some of the tools in the course material you see here. It is for our new corporate training event at Universal Studios Orlando. Click the play button to hear it.

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Think in Another Box

In this CD you will learn some of the best kept secrets to creative thinking. The secrets of Elvis’s hit records, how Einstein really came up with those mind boggling theories, how Picasso created some of his best masterpieces, as well as today’s latest technology breakthroughs. The best part is you will learn how these techniques can be applied to your job and your personal life.


This CD have been converted into an on-line e-learning course.

*Run time 48 Minutes


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Rumor Control

How to create, build, and manage “Word of Mouth Advertising”

The price of making a powerful statement is cheap compared to the cost
of ads that don’t work. So make a statement that counts.

We’re not talking about making a grand and sweeping claim, such
as, “Lowest prices anywhere. We won’t be undersold.” No one
believes hype anymore. We’re talking about a statement that is bona
fide, no loopholes, easy to experience. And it only takes one such statement
to put a business over the top. This is why you should designate a percentage
of your ad budget to purchase word-of-mouth advertising.

Word-of-mouth is credible because a person puts their reputation on the
line every time they make a recommendation. And that person has nothing
to gain but the appreciation of those who are listening.

But how do you really create, grow, and manage Word of Mouth? This CD
“Rumor Control” holds the secrets.

This CD have been converted into an on-line e-learning course

*Run time 104 Minutes

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Video Newsletters

Solar Sailor – Combination Creativity – Click here

Watch Combination Creativity in action as the Aussies developed the Solar Sailor; a transportation vessel that uses solar power panels for both electricity and as sails!

Space Shuttle Challenger – Using Common Sense – Click here

Sometimes creativity just requires using some common sense. How did everyone miss this one?

One Right Answer – Click here

The best way to get a great idea is to get a lot of ideas first.

Video to Boost Your Business

OK…a bunch of folks have asked me “How do you make these videos and how do you deliver them over the web the way you do?”.

This will save you months of trial and error (that I had to experience)

Here is the supporting document as well;

Shrink Wrap

What “Outsiders” do you use in your business to get new ideas and a fresh perspective ? Could packaging engineers solve the Space Shuttle foam problem ?

Leonardo da Vinci – “Curious”

The most creative mind this world has ever known may have had just a handful of secrets. This is a glimpse into one of them.

TRIZ – Part 1

There are only 40 solutions to any problem in the world. Come learn a few of them through the power of TRIZ – The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

Product Packaging – Bridgeclimb

One key consideration in your marketing plan is how to “Package and Present” your product or service. The right decision here can make all the difference. Learn how this company took something that already exists, that they didn’t own, and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.

Breakfast with the Birds

What available resources do you already have that you could use to improve your products and services?

Made to Stick

SUCCESS stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional Story. It is the foundation of the new hit book and it can really help your business succeed.

The One Page Proposal

A One Page Proposal is a communication tool that is invaluable to your business. It can get an idea moving forward quickly and can allow you to cut through the clutter and get to a decision quickly. Here is a brief overview of the book and concept.

Zero Budget

One of the vaubale TRIZ tools is the Ideal Final Result (IFR). Another version of it is to assume you have zero budget to accomplish your project. Sound impossible ? Don’t be so sure.

Weight Compensation

One of the valuable TRIZ tools are the “40 Principles” or what I like to call the “40 Lenses.”

One of the lenses is called “Weight Compensation.” It is were you use the lift of one thing to lift the other. And it works with all sorts of challenges and issues. See for yourself.

Other Way Round

One of the valuable TRIZ tools are the “40 Principles” or what I like to call the “40 Lenses.”

One of the lenses is called “Other Way Round.” It is where you do things backwards, upside down, or change perspective to solve a problem. It can lead to Nobel Prizes, award winning business models, and free money. Check it out.

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Free Webinars

This section contains the recordings of the free monthly webinars.
Combination Creativity

This is a recording of the August 16th, 2006 free webinar on Combination Creativity.

TRIZ Part 1

This is the recording of the September 21st, 2006 free webinar on TRIZ – The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – Part 1

da Vinci’s 7 Secrets – Part 1

This is the recording of the October 19th free webinar on da Vinci’s 7 Secrets – Part 1

Word of Mouth Marketing

This is the recording of the December 13th, 2006 free webinar on “Word of Mouth Marketing”; what I call “Rumor Control” and it gives you the secrets on how to create, manage, and control it.

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