The 4 Keys to Finding the Best Keynote Speaker

For a long-lasting impact of your training programme, seminar, or corporate event, hiring a Keynote Speaker to speak at your event may turn out to be a make or break situation. You want someone to make a connection and have positive influence on the audience they are addressing. In this circumstance it is important that you find the right mix of the qualities you are looking for in your Keynote Speaker.

With so many expert speakers available, it can be difficult to find the best fit and determine who will best meet the needs of your audience.

Following are several hints and tips that meeting planners or special events professionals should keep in mind when selecting a motivational or key note speaker-

Should have an impressionable presence:
A strong speaker will have a dynamic presence on stage and off. This person needs to be able to hold the audience’s attention, while commanding respect in a fun and memorable way. You’ll want to choose someone who can easily interact with the audience and make them feel comfortable. The speaker should have the ease that would let him/her interact freely with the audience.

He/ She should have ample experience:

It’s likely that the more experience a speaker has, the better the performance will be. Be sure your keynote speaker has client testimonials and recommendations. If a speaker has worked with well-known companies and brands, or presented at large events, chances are good that he or she will provide a quality keynote speech.

Should be a Good Story-teller-Your keynote speaker should be a good story-teller. Stories can be the key to a compelling presentation that excites, energizes, and truly engages the people sitting in front of you. Others may not think what we think, but through a shared story, they can feel what we feel. So one of the foremost qualities the keynote speaker should have is to be a powerful storyteller.

Visible Generosity- The best communicators understand the value in sharing information openly, honestly, and generously. The more they give, the more an audience connect with the speakers and more they take away. The keysnote speaker’s generosity yields positive results and makes them and their talks more endearing to the listener.

These are some of the qualities or straits to look out for in keynote speakers and these very qualities which make their discourse so appealing, interesting and pleasing to one and all.

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