How to Make Yourself Stronger For Enduring Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Strength

Entrepreneurs are special people, with special traits. But just traits won’t do. You need to prime up your psyche. Your entire being has to sync with the reality that entrepreneurship is.

So, it all starts with your mind and how you prepare yourself for long haul. As with most things, everything is in your head.

So, here’s how you can make yourself stronger:

It’s a journey, not a destination

Entrepreneurship is a journey. It’s fun as long as you move along, go forward, and continue doing that. Even if you had to drag your feet on gravel while it appears as if your feet are tied to a ball and a chain, it’s still fun. If you don’t believe me, try and explain why serial entrepreneurs are the way they are?

The lesson: enjoy the journey and don’t stress so much about the destination. Things like “will someone buy us out?” and “What’s the exit strategy?” stress you out for no reason.

It’s not a rat race

Think about it: if entrepreneurship is the antidote for many as a respite from drab corporate jobs, and if you think of this corporate life as rat race, why do you want to get into another rat race? You wouldn’t, right?

But for many small businesses and startups, most founders do that exact thing. They get into business and in the process, it fall eels like a race.

What’s our competition doing? What’s their strategy? Are the biggest, meanest yet?

It’s not called “trophy” entrepreneurship or anything

Entrepreneurship is a calling. It’s a way to make your life worth something. Now, starting a business and running it isn’t easy. But it isn’t hard either. It’s just fun. Now, since entrepreneurship is a matter of choice, it won’t feel like someone just tied you to a pole. It won’t feel like drudgery. It won’t feel like you’ve written away your life for a dead-end job.

But it’s not a trophy that you’ll get. It’s just passionate work that delivers results. The results will be there for you and the rest of the world to see.

It never ends

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Apart from some rare cases, most entrepreneurs don’t go back to doing anything else but this. Business is everything for entrepreneurs and they don’t see the thrill in regular work. They don’t like to be told what to do (especially if that someone is your boss and you boss is an incompetent jerk).

If one business ends, another one starts. If a startup idea fails, founders usually pivot or start something else altogether.

In effect, entrepreneurship is forever and ever.

Can you endure entrepreneurship? Would you like to narrate your story?

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