Don’t Forget Your Pants: Tips For And From Keynote Speakers, Professional Speakers And Public Speakers



Speaking in front of public without making a fool out of yourself requires mastery and yes, confidence. That is why you see children in school hiding behind big boys for the fear of being asked to make a presentation, employees putting their heads down in seminars for the fear of being asked a question by the presenter. So what is it that makes public speaking such a horror for most of us? According to analysts, it’s the fear of being watched and assessed that makes us do strange things, that makes us act out of the ordinary.

That is why keynote speakers and professional speakers these days are paid hefty amounts for mere 2 hour conferences. You want to know why, because there is a dearth of professional speakers. They are now needed everyday for political meetings, corporate affairs, auctions and god knows what else. If you want to make a career out of professional speaking, you better take it serious, or else forget about it. These are some of the tips from professional keynote speakers to those who are still learning the craft.

  • Know your subject: As a keynote speaker you are expected to raise the interest levels, whether it be a annual corporate meeting or a lecture on positive attitude. You can’t do that until and unless you have thorough insights on the subject, only then you will feel confident about the presentation and that will show in your speech. So research, research and more research.
  • Make it entertaining: No one wants to spend 3 hours of his life looking at a dull presentation that is all facts and no fun. Part of your job is to keep people awake, so mix a bit of fun, tell them some stories and yes, ask questions. That keeps the audience in check, always.
  • Rehearse well: Most of the keynote speakers and professional speakers make sure they have studied the area where they are going to present beforehand. How big is the area, how many people are going to be there and much more. Before the live presentation, they like to rehearse the main points in the empty venue, before the audience starts popping in.
  • Visibility: Using power point slides is the most common way of giving presentations. But if people can’t read your presentation or the colors are not bright enough, no matter how good you speak it will put your audience off. So check the visibility of the screen from the corners of the venue just to make sure that everyone can read what you are talking about.

Remember, if you go ill-prepared for any event then all sorts of stupid thoughts come to your mind, like falling off the stage or forgetting your pants, and yes it’s a reality. Only when you feel confident from inside can you deliver, and these tips ensure that your journey as a keynote speakers is not a short lived one.

Professional speaking is not only one of the most paying jobs but also one of the most scariest. You make one silly mistake and you become the butt of jokes for everyone. So what are the essential tips that one needs to take care of while pursuing a career in professional speaking, well, here are some. As a professional speaker you not only have to research well on the subject but also make sure that your presentation is entertaining. Make sure you rehearse well and check the visibility of fonts and color brightness on the projection screen before starting the show. Keep these checks in mind and the world of professional speaking will become a much better place for you.

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