Read This Before You Hire Keynote Speakers Or Other Professional Public Speakers



Whether you are a company which has it’s annual meeting coming up or an event planner which has a big event coming up, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right professional speaker that can add spark to the whole event, as well as convey the desired message. Most often than not companies hire a speaker without much scrutiny, usually it’s the last thing they do after they have fixed the venue and the menu, and that is where the whole event goes for a toss. People don’t come for good snacks and good ambiance, at the end of the day they have come to hear something good, something that can help them grow. Hiring a amateur speaker not only brings your company’s image down but it also shows how serious you are about your company’s progress.

A professional speakers not only makes your organization look good but he can also establish a performance culture for your company. The advantages are numerous and never-ending. It’s straight, if you are setting a professional event you need professional speakers for the same. Before you hire your next keynote or professional speaker, these are some of the things that you should consider doing.

  • Purpose of the event: What is the purpose of your event? Is it about motivating employees, discussing company’s performance or is it a college fest? This is the first question that you should ask yourself. If it’s a seminar to motivate employees, hire a motivational speaker, if it’s a college fest hire someone who hosts entertainment events, that’s the first step.
  • Ask for portfolio: Interview on the phone with your professional speaker won’t work. Ask him about his portfolio, videos of his events and his past experience. Now experience might not be that important but you should  at least have a look at your speaker’s past work before finalizing the deal.
  • Does your speaker ask questions: You don’t want a ‘I know it all’ speaker. A good professional speaker will always ask you about the objective of the seminar, the audience attending it, how do you want to follow up with the seminar, and things like that.
  • Don’t compromise with the budget: You only host events seldom and you would not want to make a fool out of yourself. So don’t go for a cheaper option, go for quality even if it means spending those extra bucks. At the end of the day quality pays big time!

Finding a good professional speaker can be quite a task, but it’s also very effective. Surprisingly big corporate companies and event planners seldom take professional speaking seriously and focus more on the venue and menu, which is where the whole event goes for a toss. If you are hosting something you want it to be good and meaningful, and who has the power to do that, your professional speaker. So when hiring a good professional speaker always keep these points in mind. Choose the speaker according to the purpose of the event, if its a  motivational seminar choose a motivational speaker or else choose one who hosts entertainment events. Always ask for his/her portfolio and don’t compromise with the budget. Make sure your speaker is curious enough to ask questions about the seminar such as what is the audience going to be like or what is the purpose of the seminar because that shows that he is really in with you.

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