What Professional Speaking Does to Your Confidence?

Public Speaking

Mark is a professional speaker, and I am sure you know that if you are reading this. Oh, the fact that he’s written a book is another story altogether. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

But I wasn’t going to banter about anything you already knew. I wanted to talk about what professional speaking does to you, as a person. For the kicks, Mark is a better person because of his professional speaking.

If you now pardon the digression, let’s see how professional speaking makes you a better person:

Confidence just comes to you

Public speaking makes you sweat. Not the “go to the gym and sweat” kind. Not even the “I walked a mile in hot tropical sun” kind. It’s the “This is going to kill me” kind. You might fake it till you make it. You might actually put it off for the first time and then a couple of times later on.

But get this: You’ll be nervous every time you face an audience.

However, by then, you’d have mastered the art of feigning complete confidence. You’ll be faking it all the while, up until you don’t have to.

In short, thanks to public speaking, confidence grows on you.

When you get confident, you’ll meet success (for anything you set out to do) halfway already.

You become a people expert

The better you are with people, the more money you are likely to make. It so happens that public speaking puts you in front of more people than you can ever hope to. Think about it: most people have a closeted group of people they interact with on a daily basis. Some have slightly more people to deal with than others.

However, no one gets to deal with an entire set of people (amounting to hundreds or thousands at a time) as a professional speaker has to. Even though it’s one-to-many.

Did I mention that you’d also have to handle objections, queries, questions, and troublemakers along the way?

You feel good, end of the day

They say listening is important. They say that when someone listens to you, they eventually become great friends.

Now, what happens when more than a hundred people are listening to you? Even if all of them aren’t going to be good friends, they are going to go back home feeling good that they learnt something.

Meanwhile, you’d go home with the great feeling of having transferred knowledge. You’ve taught, inspired, and made good of their time spent listening to you.

That’s a good way to feel good. What say?

Go speak in public. Tell me how it feels like.

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