Motivational Speaker Shares Her Happy Place With You!

20130312155501Ever wondered why you enjoy the company of some and avoid others, why you remember some childhood holidays but not all of them, why some people stay with you long after they are gone, Why? According to Science you tend to remember happy incidents more, whether it be an interaction with a loved person or visiting a favorite destination. Such incidents are called happy memories. Happy memories not only relieve our stress quotient when we think about them but also make us happy and jovial at the same time, giving them distinguished remedial properties.

The question that science asks is whether we as humans can create artificial happy memories and fool our brain. For an example, is it possible for you to make yourself believe that you have been to Bali without ever going there? What is the crux of all this? Well it’s simple, according to motivational speakers if we can create multiple happy memories with our brain, chances are that we’ll be less stressed and more happy. Whenever we are in a state of bother, we can imagine ourselves laying under the sun on a beautiful Caribbean beach with someone we love. If we can create happy memories at will and make our brain believe that all this is true, then imagine the happiness we can achieve. These are some of the happy memories that motivational speakers imbibe in their audience and they really do work wonders.

  • Think of your dream destination: Whenever in stress think of a place that is far away from all the hustle bustle of your daily life. It can be a beach or an mountain. Now imagine that you are walking on this beach at sunset hands in hands with your partner. Still not enough, how about having a glass of wine together while the sun steps down. Yes it’s all in the mind, if you can make yourself believe that you are there, your brain would respond to it as it responds to good things, it’ll make you feel happy and stress free.
  • Think about the love of your life: When facing a downward curve, just stop doing everything and imagine yourself sitting in a posh hotel having dinner with your loved one. The food is all that you love, there is your favorite wine on the table and beautiful jazz music is playing in the backdrop. If your brain believes that you are sitting there in a hotel, bingo, all your stress will be gone.
  • Think of what you like to do: Do you love fishing, rafting or hiking? Whatever that may be, according to motivational speakers, whenever you are in a state of bother think that you are trekking in the Himalayas or rafting along the Ganges, If you can make your brain believe that you are really in the Himalayas, chances are that it’ll reply by sending adventure waves down your spine, result, pure adrenaline rush and loads of happiness.

Ever thought why smile comes to your face when you think of a particular holiday or time spent with a particular person, because you have Happy Memories associated with these incidents. The question that science asks ‘Is it possible to create artificial happy memories and fool your brain?. That is, can we make our brain believe that we are holidaying on a beach in Bali while we are sitting in our room in Delhi. Because if we can, then our brain would respond to it in the same way as it responds to every happy memory, it will make us laugh, it will make us happy, and it will chuck the stress out of our lives. Motivational speakers all over the world are telling people how to create happy memories, because if you can, chances are that stress would never touch your life again. Whenever it’ll come to bother you, all you have to do is to create a Happy Memory.

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