Want To Be A Motivational Speaker? Go Here First!

670px-Become-a-Motivational-Speaker-Step-1So you think you are good at entertaining crowds, you have hosted many events in your college and people just adore you on stage. Now that you are basking in the glory of your new found fame, you ask yourself this question ‘Can I be a professional motivational speaker? Well the answer to this question lies within you, but yes there is a rule book than can help you decide whether you are made for motivational speaking or not. Some set of rules that you must implement before you enter the big stage. If the result of implementing these rules is positive, then probably we are talking business, and a probable career in motivational speaking.

Start with free events, but don’t continue for too long: So far you have spoken in front of your friends and colleagues, and that isn’t the best way to judge yourself because your friends might not be upfront with you. Sign up for free events and speak in small gatherings first. If you think that the response is appreciable, then you might be a serious candidate for motivational speaking.

Hire a videographer to shoot your events: This is very important! Hire a videographer to shoot your events and watch them back home. Compare your speech to the stalwarts of the industry and see where you can improve. If you think you are miles apart, don’t worry, give yourself some more time. This exercise will tell you where you are standing currently.

Attend seminars that teach motivational speaking: Enroll for seminars that teach you to be a motivational speaker. There may be times when you’ll be required to speak in front of drunk teenagers or disrespectful crowd, and you won’t be able to do anything about it. If you think you can handle rejection well then only go in this field. Even the best of speakers have two or three horrible tales to tell.

Contacts, contacts, contacts: Motivational speaking is a small industry and there are many agencies that hire speakers for events. Firstly, sign up with an agency that pays you, don’t go for free events for too long. Secondly, wherever you go, make contacts with the corporate and organizations, because you never know when they will call. And thirdly, be prepared to slog it out!

Improve your writing skills: At the end of the day your script plays a big role in your success. Are you good at writing punch lines, are you good at mixing humor with your stories, are you a good writer? If not, then improve upon the same. You might be a great motivational speaker but if you don’t have the right script, everything can go for a toss.

So you want to be a motivational speaker but don’t know how to go about it or how you’ll fare at it? Well, here are some rules that you must implement first, if the response to each of them is positive, then probably you are game. Your friends might say that you are great ,but only when you’ll speak in front of strangers will you be able to calculate your true worth. So if you want to become a motivational speaker, make sure you sign up for some free events first, but not for too long. If the response is good then we are talking business. Next step is to hire a videographer to analyze your mistakes and see where you stand. Register for seminars that teach motivational speaking to get an insight about the daily life of a motivational speaker, and see whether you would enjoy the same. And most importantly, improve your writing skills, because you might be the best of speakers, but if your script lacks depth, your audience will lose interest for sure.

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